Reviving the blog

Its been four years since I last touched this blog, I’m going to start writing again.

If you think about it, four years is a long time, even though it doesn’t sound like much. Four of anything doesn’t sound like much unless if you’re talking about number of years in a person’s life. I can vaguely recall the direction in life I was heading towards at that time. I was reaching the peak of my intellectual compability. In graduate school, studying probably one of the toughest subjects around, hoping to make a change in my career direction. The summer before I was still working on my undergraduate requirements for Computer Science at San Luis Obispo, looking for graduate programs to transfer to, without the slightest idea where I will end up in the next 2 years. And there I was, in New York City, four years ago.

Fast forward to today, a bit stronger, a bit wiser. Not too much though, because otherwise I’m just being complacent. If I were to stand back and look at myself objectively between then and now, I’d say I’m heading in the right direction, whatever that direction it may be. Who knows. My theory is it looks something like this (emphasis on the something):


Career is fluctuating at a slower rate than life, which I hope is good? There’s gonna be ups and downs, the best way to approach that is with a mindset that is ready. Ready to make the emotional, behavioral or whatever adjustments that will keep me on track in the right direction. Isn’t that the most we can do?

Why do I want to revive the blog now? you ask. One of the things I realized was that I’m terrible at communicating my feelings. Maybe because growing up I’ve never had that many opportunities to do so. So I figured that writing and blogging might help change that. Also, to just get stuff out in the air, without too much expectation on who’s going to read this and why. I just picked up this book called On Writing Well. It got me thinking about writing in a different way, and so blogging might be useful to put that in practice. Otherwise, this will just be a spot to put all things that are interesting to me, and maybe a spot for me to rant even. See ya at the next post ;)